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2017 November – 51 Drones review Energen DroneMax M10

51 Drones review DroneMax M10 on Youtube

2017 November

I went on a mission to find the most powerful, fastest portable charging system for the Mavic Pro. After some testing, I think I found what I was looking for in the DroneMax M10 from Energen. This thing is warp speed ahead of the DJI Charger.

There are a lot of portable chargers out there, but this one had the best reviews, and ultimate customer service. I am quite impressed.

2017 October – DroneU review DroneMax A40 Portable Charging Station for DJI Mavic/Phantom

DroneU review DroneMax A40 on Youtube

2017 November

https://youtu.be/B65uyFFXzgE a Drone U Review
Product can be found here: http://amzn.to/2yziaCp
Paul loves using these Portable Drone Battery charger when flying stadiums or for disaster relief. The A40 charger can simultaneously charge 4 batteries at one time. If you’re flying ranches or you’re in an area that you can’t use an inverter, the A40 is for you.

2017 September - InterDrone 2017 FPVGuy Interview Energen Sales Director

FPVGuy & Bo Lorentzen interview Energen Sales Director Victor @ 2017 InterDrone on Youtube

2017 September

Portable recharger for your drone batteries, price works out to about 2.5 Phantom batteries, and manage to charge about 5 batteries, so basically you get bit more flying on site for less money than buying 5 batteries. See more detail on youtube, link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loCXbc6J2eM&t=5s

2017 July - UAV Expert News press release

UAV Expert News press release

2017 July

Meet The Energen DroneMax P40
A New Portable Power System That Let’s You Power Up Your DJI Drone Anywhere… http://www.uavexpertnews.com/2017/06/energen-dronemax-p40/

2017 September – InterDrone @ Las Vegas


Las Vegas, September, 2017

Energen join the 2017 interdone at Las Vegas. Presenting our DroneMax product line: DroneMax M10, DroneMax A20, DroneMax A40, DroneMax P40, etc…

2017 April - NAB Show @ Las Vegas

NAB Show

Las Vegas, April 2017

In April 2017, Energen joined the NAB show as a second time exhibitor. This year, the NAB show featured the theme “ The M.E.T. Effect” – media, entertainment and technology – this cultural phenomenon is fueled by internet connectivity and integrated systems. During the show, the DroneMax series, Energen’s portable drone battery charging station caught a great deal of attention. Compare with last year, Energen not only improved DroneMax P40 and A40, but also presented the brand new M10 (to charge the popular DJI Mavic). Roswell Flight Test Crew and Drone TV carried out in-depth interviews with Energen on site. https://goo.gl/phN5Ht

2017 March - Review of the DroneMax P40 from Rotor Drone Magazine

Rotor Drone Magazine gave DroneMax a positive review

2017 March

DroneMax P40- World’s 1st portable drone battery charging station customized for Phantom III and Phantom Iv
Recharges a drone battery 4 times and up
Recharges 4 drone batteries simultaneously
Dual USB oirts fir charging USB devices
Aluminum enclosure provides excellent heat dissipation
DroneMax A40-World’s 1st portable drone battery charging station customized for DJIPhantom III/ Phantom Iv/Mavic And Yuneec Typhoon4k/ Typhoon H
Recharges a drone battery 4 times and up
Recharges 4 drone batteries simultaneously
Dual USB oirts fir charging USB devices
Aluminum enclosure provides excellent heat dissipation

2016 November - Tech of Tomorrow Youtube for Energen P4 Power Jumper

Tech of Tomorrow introduction Energen P4 Power Jumper on Youtube

2016 November

Top 5 Under $50 Black Friday Edition & GiveAway!

2016 November - Mega Tech News YouTube Introduction

Mega Tech News introduction on Youtube

2016 November

The Energen Intelligent 5-Port USB Charger features 66 watts of power and a port that features Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support along with 4 other ports with 2.4A support. It’s designed to charge all your devices up quickly and conveniently at your desktop. We’ve got a quick preview here for you but head on over to the site to read the comprehensive written review

2016 October - Think Computer Rate 9/10 score for USB 5 port

Think Computer Press Release

2016 October

Stay tuned as we will be giving a Energen 5-Port USB Charging Station away!

– Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port
– Four 2.4A powered USB ports
– Smart charging and smart power protection

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